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Here you'll find links to hardware from a variety of retailers of mobile music (and regular music) hardware. You'll also find links to stuff on eBay which you can't buy new anymore.

iPhones and iPod Touches:
The obvious thing to do if you want an iPhone or iPod Touch is to go to Apple, but sometimes if you don't need the most up to date device you could try getting a 2nd hand Touch on eBay, or try Amazon for slightly cheaper deals. Here are some links to help:
For the iPad the story is basically the same, so again a couple of links to help you find the best deal for what you need.
2nd Hand Hardware from eBay:I regularly post stuff on the blog that comes up on eBay but here are a few things you might be interested in if you want to get into older platforms for handheld music.
And a few favourites too:
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Zoom PFX9003

Casio VL-Tones
Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 

General Music Hardware links:
If you're looking for stuff like the iRig or AmpKit try eBay as you can get decent deals on stuff like that there. If not try one of the following retailers.

Dolphin Music Always a good place to find hardware for your mobile rig. Dolphin
Absolutemusic Another good store to find music hardware also has a good selection of stuff is worth checking out if you're in the states! Last but not least

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