When there are so many apps on the bus what will we do?

Maybe the Audiobus will have to become the AudioTrain to get faster and take more apps with it? Just a little thought from me on a day when we've seen so many apps get on the bus.

Exactly how big is the bus anyway?


Anonymous said...

I think the answer is to not expand audiobus as much as apple sparten up enable IOS to work as an OS and not a disabled OS, integrate these bridging tools for audio and midi into the OS as it should be... there is so much potential for IOS but apple sells it short by not giving it and its developers the full OS to work with. With the prices of ipads going up and not down a macbook air 11inch is starting to look more appealing to me every day... I felt really burnt on how apple upgraded to gen 4 ipads so fast after gen 3 came out ... why burn the consumer like that? Why not just jump from 2 to 4 (call it 3) and make us wait a few more months? So much is wrong in the world of IOS... Im so terribly attached to ios music making but its a ugly love hate relationship really... as much as I love audiobus hate it that apple forced people into a situation to need an app like it as a bandaid to their disabled OS solution

Anonymous said...

It's a double-decker!

I've been contacting app developers and there are a lot more apps coming on board in the next few months.

THe more the merrier!