What we need is some recipes (well I think so anyway)

Lots of apps / services use the concept of recipes these days. The one I'm most fond of is IFTTT, and one of the very cool things you can do in IFTTT is to share recipes of web automations you like. This isn't uncommon now, and it made me wonder if that isn't something we could have in Audiobus?

Since it launched a few months ago people have been sharing how they use it in a variety of different ways, but wouldn#t it be great to be able to share your set up through Audiobus itself? Wouldn't it be awesome to see how many people had used it with 'like' or 'use' counters? In fact, Audiobus could become a little mobile musicians social network in its own right. How about that?

So here's an open question to the Audiobus team. I know you're working on cool stuff for Audiobus day and night, but how about cooking up some recipe goodness in there as well? I for one would be happy for a little IAP (extra bus fare) for sharing/publishing recipes on the bus.

What do you think?

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yo jasper said...

fantastic idea, very cool.