Tabletop and Audiobus. Going to be friends?

When iMini arrived with the announcement that it was 'tabletop ready' I found that quite an interesting step, especially after the iMPC arrived with the same label. So, will we see any of this stuff become Audiobus enabled at any point, or are we going to see more of the 'tabletop ready' labels appearing on big apps?

What do you think?


Icepulse said...

Tabletop is going to be the straight-up Betamax of this race, so app developers will be wise to keep their Audiobus options open. I think Akai boned themselves by saddling with Retronyms

Michael Lumb said...

I really hope to see both. I'm not sure whats entailed for dev to be become Tabletop vs Audiobus ready? I would love to see compatibility with both systems.

hogo said...

well, being that retronyms created both impc and iMini, i think the move was obvious. i have heard however that retronyms is already working on audiobus for tabletop.

Anonymous said...

TableTop needs to add AudioBus support. If they don't do that they run the risk of users becoming polarised.

If users think "I've got all these lovely apps that work nicely together with AudioBus, and over here I've got TableTop that doesn't work with my other apps. Why don't I delete TableTop and free up 800Mb of precious space on my iPad".

Once TableTop is deleted they have no chance of selling their IAPs.


Velocipede said...

Loaded Tabletop on my iPad again after getting iMini (had to remove it for lack of space before) and found that it was a nice way to add a lot of features to the iMini.
Ultimately, it would be nice to have Tabletop as an Audiobus input/output. I think they might have to

On the other hand, it would be cool if Audiobus offered routing options like Tabletop.

Audiotable Bustop.

Anonymous said...

I agree if it becomes tabletop ready vs audiobus there really is no contest. On my 16g ipad i am looking at deleting tabletop to be able to make way for another memory hog in the form of beatmaker2 (hoping they will update that with ability to delete the majority of smaples in it i will never use)

DJ Swizzels said...

I deleted Tabletop a while ago because I found that I was not using it (or even opening it) since Audiobus came out. I like the look of the layout but I for one found the app a bit tricky to work with.

If they made it Audiobus capable I would reload it on my ipad. Or even just made AB show up in the work space like iMPC or iMini do, that would be cool.

I think $30 for the in app effects/instuments is a bit steep until it is able to integrate with other apps, not just the 2 they have at this point.

Son Fish said...

They need to hurry up and add Audiobus support. I love both, but can't do live looping of iMPC or iMini until this is complete, and that's what I do!

Son Fish said...

They need to hurry up and add audiobus support. I love the iMini and iMPC, but I can't use them for live looping with integrity, only production. Please, let's take these apps out of the studio and onto the stage. Korg is way ahead of the game. Let's force the issue! I can't wait any longer!