Nebulophone IR sync - not working (can you help Rob)

Rob's having issues with his nebulophone. Here's what he has to say:

I'm trying to sync my Nebulophone's arpeggio with a flashing IR led. When I put the Nebulophone into "follow" mode (0:35), it should lock on to the speed of the flashing IR led but it doesn't seem to ever respond to the incoming IR. I've tried IR leds, remote control LEDs and IR blasters but never get a response.

If you have a Nebulophone, can you tell me what yours does in Arpeggio "follow" mode? As you can see, mine just goes to a solid green LED when switching to "follow" and turning the Arpeggio knob (1:09) just does weird things!

I also tried recording a sequence in "lead" mode and then put it into "follow" mode - no joy.

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robman84 said...

Thanks for posting this Ashley. I'm hopeful of a solution!

I've decided to re-burn the Neb's software, and if that doesn't work I'll remove and order a new IR phototransistor.