Here's your round up of the news from the last week

As usual, here's a round up of the significant news from the last week.

New apps:
Significant updates:
Apps that are now on the bus (Audiobus that is):
Things to watch for in the coming week(s)
Other useful stuff:
JACK Audio Connection kit news:
Interesting videos:
Useful videos:
So, that was another busy week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


David Khan said...

Seline Yltimate submitted with Audiobus integration submitted with free all IAP's when release

ChrisG said...

Thanks! These "weekend lists" are great. And dev info from various social networks like Twitter is also really great to get the latest. I personally can't keep up with it all, so much appreciated!

Bryan Kraft said...

Orphion is already on the bus. Do you mean Orphion 2.0? Thanks for the round up!

Anonymous said...

Great update! I think you mean that Orphion 2.0 is coming. It's already on the bus!

Anonymous said...

Wejaam are close to audiobus,i recieved email it will include loop player & other new functions,