Huge AudioShare update

Here's a massive AudioShare update:
  • Audiobus input slot support, you can now use AudioShare as an Audiobus source app!
  • Trim tool, save selection to a new file
  • Add iTunes music library import
  • Added 'Select All' button in edit mode
  • Name Audiobus recordings after input apps
  • Show recording source (audiobus apps or hardware input)
  • Allow user to edit filename extension
  • Allow AudioCopy of midifiles
  • Show used and free disk space in About screen
  • Improve AudioPaste item selection user interface
  • Various minor improvements and fixes
The swiss army knife of mobile music just keeps on getting better.

AudioShare - audio document manager - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)


Anonymous said...

Cool. But what does "AudioCopy of MIDI files" mean? I can't find that in the app or in the support page.

Ashley Elsdon said...

Indeed. I don't know what it means either, but it sounds very interesting. I didn't know that audiocopy even supported MIDI as yet

Beat Maker said...

Store midi files in Audioshare and copy them using ACP/Pasteboard to a app like cubasis?

Simon said...

This is a great update. The fine tuning and lopping controls on the "trimming" feature are so well done.

With his frequent and excellent updates this developer puts some of the "big name" developers to shame.

Anonymous said...

Also, what's the purpose of changing file extension if the app can't actually convert its format?