14 things you should do to help the world of mobile music

Just a little list for you to think about ...
  1. Keep making music on mobile
  2. Share what you make on SoundCloud or wherever makes sense for you
  3. Tell everyone about mobile music making 
  4. Tell people about the apps you love and why
  5. Think about gifting a mobile music app to someone who might enjoy playing
  6. Rate the apps you love in the app store and leave reviews
  7. If there's something you don't like about an app then give constructive critiscm and don't just leave a bad review. Remember that developers can't respond to reviews on the app store
  8. If you like one of the excellent mobile music based blogs then buy your apps through that blog as that's how they make money.
  9. If you're so inclined, start your own blog about mobile music making and let people know
  10. If you can, then make videos of what you're doing and let everyone know that you've done them
  11. Tweet!
  12. Make your music in unusal places, just because you can
  13. Join the comunities at developer's forums and get involved in the discussion
  14. Enjoy it!


Electric Heathen said...

Any thoughts on how to overcome the inherent bias a lot of people have about making music on a phone? One of my biggest beefs is that if you make a song on your phone and play it for people without telling them, they'll say "that sounds cool! What'd you use to make that?" ...but if you tell them from the outset that it was done on a phone, the very same person will say "Oh, that's OK I guess... for a phone. But it's not a 'real' DAW."

Marlene DeGrood said...

I really like this ... a lot :)

Marlene DeGrood said...

Again Ashley ... I'd like to repeat how much I like your list.
@Electric Heathen ... those who might think that an IOS device is not a "real" DAW are simply out of the loop and therefore ignorant of current technology ... there's nothing you can say or do to overcome their "inherent bias" which is true for pretty much any types of bias that some people seem to have. They already have it set in their head what is right/wrong, good/bad, beautiful/ugly etc.

Ashley Elsdon said...

Thanks for the comments I really appreciate it.

@Electric, I know what you mean. There's great music out there that's made on mobile, but I think it faces the reaction that you've come up against simply because people don't understand it.

@Marlene, always good to hear from you, and I think you're right, people haven't moved on.

I also think that laptop music faced the same sort of issues when it started. People don't move with the times, that's for sure!

Johnnyg0 said...

"those who might think that an IOS device is not a "real" DAW are simply out of the loop and therefore ignorant of current technolog"

Well can I insert any types of plugins in any tracks in IOS? Can I export tracks from any IOS apps? Can I used a single sample library across different apps? Have a 3/4 or a 6/8 MIDI piano roll? Sadly no.

Even the most powerful IOS DAW's are way behind in terms of features compared to even the most basic Windows/OSX DAW's, to believe otherwise is just crazy.

Don't get me wrong, IOS is a great environment for music making and there are a lot of nice multi-track recorders, and Audiobus will push thing much further than anyone ever has on IOS (including Apple), but its still not comparable to what we have been doing on a computer DAW for the past 15 years.

Its not about being biased, its about all the things my "real DAW" can do, and all the things I wish my "IOS DAW" could do but can't.

Anthony Bannister said...

I've been making beats for over twenty plus years and I've had a million dollar record deal. I understand our music community. I got grammy awarding producers and engineers texting about what apps I'm using. It's crazy. I love telling them it was produced on my Iphone while Iwas on the train. The look on there face is priceless. I've had hardware and computer based software. They're still great. But there's nothing like having a long commute on public transportation and having multiple options in your pocket to bang out your inspirations. Euphoric. We're the pioneers of mobile production y'all and our children will forever thank us for not dropping the ball and for advancing the artform with technology.

Stay ^.


Yeah, I'm an MPMF'er (Mobile Producer Mobile Forever)

Jay Noggle said...

Great post... thanks!
FYI, all 14... Done! Lol

jaynoggle said...

Great post...
I remember reading when we actually used Palm devices to create music...
FYI, all 14... Done!

Steve said...

I've been making IOS music for about a year and started posting on Soundcloud last fall (I have no history with DAWs).

Happily, I was "discovered" by S1gnsofL1fe, an ambient producer and invited to join the community at ambientonline.org.

I am probably the most vocal IOS producer in the community with most folks using DAWs. I have made a point of sharing news about new and useful apps and often share my tracks and consistently get the response "Such warm tones etc. I can't believe this was made on an iPad".

I agree with your list and think it is important to keep spreading the word about the wonderful world of IOS music production.

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Tony Hinds said...

I have only been making music for past 8 months and use an iPad for 95% of the process. I do occasionally finish or embellish the tune on a PC but as other commenters have pointed out there is a freedom inherent with the mobility of the iPad. Love the 14 points.