Apple adding 128 gb iPad to range

You've probably seen this already, but I thought I'd post it more to ask what you think about it? Lots of sites and commentators are saying that it's because of the Surface Pro and it's just a reaction to that. I don't think it'll mean too much for mobile music except of course that you're now able to carry even more in your iPad, but other than that not a great deal.

So is it a reaction to Microsoft? That's not a very 'Apple' response.


Anonymous said...

Or a reaction to flash mem prices dropping ?

Anonymous said...

? Apple just gave people more space, does there need to be a reason why? You all can speculate all you want but you are surely wasting time.

It's a good thing and certainly not prompted by any other reason than to give customers more space!

Microsoft pose no threat, just as android doesn't.

You crack me up!

Scott M2 said...

I can always use more space for apps and sound files but this won't help me right now. I use two iPads live and I always program on one then backup to iTunes and restore the works into the other before a show. Since they're both 64 Gb this works fine. If the new one is 128 Gb then I won't be able to use this strategy without getting two. That's too much!