Novation Launchkey analogue modelling synth arrives and is FREE!

Get it while you can ...

Novation Launchkey is a powerful and unique analogue modelling synthesiser for iPad 2 and above.


Launchkey gives you 60 exciting patches (synth sounds) which you can use straight away to perform or produce music. You can change the sound of each patch with 8 virtual control knobs which each alter a particular element of the patch. This means that you can instantly tweak the sound to get the tone you want.

Launchkey also has a performance area which is an alternative way to bend and warp the sound coming from the synth engine. This consists of a number of 'nodes' and a 'control point'. Grab the control point and move it between the nodes to influence the sound. This results in a fast and super-intuitive way to morph your sound in real time.

Launchkey is an iPad app and is not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.

Launchkey requires iOS5 and above.

Novation Launchkey - Novation


Phoenix said...

Even though the app mentions it nowhere, it supports virtual MIDI in and bg audio.

Scott M2 said...

It really doesn't mention much at all, such as how to set the tempo or other useful aspects. It presents as a really great sounding "soundtoy". I look forward to future Novation iOS instruments.