Yamaha Synth Arp & Drum Pad for iPad (via Matrixsynth)

Interesting post over at Matrixsynth about a new synth / drum app from Yamaha. Looking at the pictures of it though it doesn't appear to be anything really new, but perhaps I should reserve opinion until it actually comes to the UK. It's only in Japan for now.

Anyway, you can read the whole thing over at Matrixsynth.


LegsMechanical said...

looks like it actually has a [modest, i'm assuming] synth engine? and recording and a per drum pad step sequencer. i'm thinking this looks dope.

LegsMechanical said...

"Software Synthesizer
- Choice of seven, including a drum kit, and 61 types of high-quality sound" so, looks like it has sounds, which the other iteration lacked. AND recording, and a PER PAD step sequencer. i'm thinking this actually looks kinda dope.