SunVox v1.7.2 BETA 2 is released

The beta for Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Here's what is new:
  • added eight layers for the modules; for example you can place some complicated drum chain on the first layer, and all other synths - on the second layer; layers can be visible together or separately;
  • new function "Scale" in the Module menu: use it if you want a smaller or bigger module size for the current project;
  • "Ignore velocity" option added to the Preferences->MIDI;
  • new controller in the Reverb module - "All-pass filter"; use it to enable/disable output all-pass filter;
  • new controller in the Reverb module - "Room size";
  • added autorepeat mode for the following buttons: HLD (clear current note), OFF (insert Note OFF), INS (insert), BCK (backspace);
  • several bugs fixed.
Via the Sunvox forum.

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johnny9fingers said...

Sunvox is probably the coolest iOS app out there. You can tweak the sounds as much or as little as you like, make the song as complex or simple as you like. And Mr. Zolotov is constantly working on updates free of charge. One of my top five apps.....