"Inter-App Audio" will pose no threat to AudioBus

I can't reveal how I got this information, and I can't reveal the name of the person who's confirmed it, although I can say that this confirmation is from an Apple employee.

They've confirmed that there is no feature in iOS 6 that can be described by the phrase "inter-app audio", and go on to sympathize with the lack of support for multiple application audio in iOS.

This says to me that the whole inter-app audio thing isn't going to get in the way of what AudioBus are trying to achieve, mainly because it would appear that this isn't something Apple are looking to get involved with. Yet!

Let's see how this pans out, and a huge thank you to the person who informed me.


Building The Station said...

Exciting! I've basically put iOS music on hold until AudioBus comes out cus I can't even bear to use Copy and Paste knowing something so much better is on the way!

Burg said...

Well ... I guess it's encouraging that your source was sympathetic to our ios audio woes.

I'm sure in a few years even audio bus will be an antique (or bought out by apple ;-)