An experiment in music created on mobile

I had an idea the other day. I wondered what it might be like to have a collaborative Spotify playlist made up of just music made with mobile devices.

Now of course this presupposes that there is any music on Spotify that's made with mobile devices. I'm not particularly aware of any, so I thought I'd post a link to this playlist to see if anyone could add tracks to it.

I've no real idea of where this will go, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment. If you're a Spotify user then please add any tracks you think are even remotely related to mobile music. If you're not a Spotify user and know of tracks, please leave details in the comments if you can.

Here's the link for the playlist.

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Sean Walker said...

Dream Theater's (Jordan Rudess) new album A Dramatic Turn of Events features MorphWiz on the track, On the Backs of Angels, and on Bridges in the Sky

And obviously, the Gorillaz new album The Fall was made iPad.

I just added those to the playlist