Korg launches iKaossilator for iPhone!

Amazing news! Korg launches the iKaossilator for iPhone!

Take a look on the app store.

KORG iKaossilator - KORG INC.

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Trueyorky said...

Great fun and more features than hardware version. ACP would make it fantastic.

Tom TM said...

Great news!

This is where Roland have really ****ed-up! Korg will get through this recession with flying colours!

Dj Hombre said...

Sweet. I was wondering when this would arrive. Do we think they'll expand on this concept to bring us iKaossPad to replicate the abilities of at least the first KaossPad unit?

@Tom_TM, not just Roland...there are several other big players who haven't really stepped up in this area - yet.

Marlene DeGrood said...
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Marlene DeGrood said...

I love my little yellow Kaossillator, it's my favorite non idevice for take along entertainment . . . Korg, how could you do this? My yellow box may spend more time at home now . . . how sad . . But so cool for me :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this.

I've only used it for a few minutes but it seems very lacking. No arpeggiator? The sounds are not as nice as the Kaossillator.

So far I'd say this is a bit of a dud.

Marlene DeGrood said...

@anon ... well you just made my little yellow box feel much better ... but I'll probably still buy for the iPhone. There is a youtube video up from Korg

congas said...

ha ha ha-see my visionary posting in july on the forum-can't wait to get home and snap this one up!!!

Marlene DeGrood said...

I love it! More fun than a barrel of monkeys :)

rafael_ollero said...

Oh La La
I wan kaossilator for Xmas, and what a surprise...
I wan u baby..

rafael_ollero said...

I wan a barrel of monkeys for Xmas now.

[RogB] said...

im a little confused but it might just be me.
Didnt the original Kaossilator have a single loop that you could overdub as many times as you wanted with any different instruments?
and the Kaossilator Pro was 4 of those in one unit?

this appears to be 5 seperate looping parts, but limiting you to 1 instrument per part (5 in total?)

so its kind of similar, but doesnt work the same.. have i go that right?

Trueyorky said...


The iKaossilator is similar but different to the kaoss & KP3. I owned both and would say this sounds very similar (good). As the layers are separate you can mute / unmute / solo / mix layers from different loops / set the loop length & scale for each part / change sounds and save your loops too. Therefore you have much more flexibility than the hardware version for a fraction of the cost.
Also, we might be able to export audio files in a future update. I like it.

[RogB] said...

i like the way they are seperate, but without overdubbing you would still be limited to 5, surely?
meaning this sort of thing would be impossible? (i count roughly 13 'loops' in one)

i cant imagine i'd ever get that good, but im just trying to work out what the differences and limitations are. :)

Anonymous said...

the fact this comes with so many complete loops tells you where they are positioning this. its set up as a remix tool. but you only have their lame loops to work with. no import. of course you can build your own loops but it's not nearly as good for that as the original kaossilator. thats just my initial reaction.

if you could import sounds, say from the original kaossilator, it would be much better. but i don't see that happening.

maybe in an ipad version.

Anonymous said...

One other thing. This doesn't seem to be multi touch. When you put a second finger down the first finger stops doing anything and the sound just jumps to the second finger.

My favorite technique with the original was to play with the morphed sound between touches.

Sami said...


You have it right, iKaossilator does not overdub. It has five separate loops/recordings, but they record monoponic control data only, not audio (you can change the instrument for each loop afterwards if you like).
On Kaossilator Pro you have four separate loops, each recording audio data with overdub, so the iphone app is quite different, but fun nevertheless (though I prefer the hardware version - but the app costs only 1/40 of KPro). I don't think Korg wants to replace their product line with apps :)

Trueyorky said...

But once you had overdubbed layers on the K-pro you couldn't go back and change anything. Now you can. Also, with iKaossilator switching layers between loops is seamless. It's different to the hardware version but not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Man it gets worse for me.

The drum sounds play ok. You can play them like a drum pad. But once you start recording their prepackaged looped beat plays and records. So you can't record original beats. Just mess with their beats a bit. Lame.

This is a toy. I hope my kids like it at least.

Sami said...


Yes, they are different animals and both are very good. iKaossilator is in many ways easier to use than the hardware Kaossilators. It would be nice to be able to freeze the loops to audio though (and audiocopy them too). Of course it is still possible to play iKaossilator into Kaoss Pad or Kaossilator and get the best of both worlds :)

robman84 said...

I love it. My Kaossilator will love playing along with it too. For about 7% of the cost of the hardware this is pretty darned great, with scope for improvements.

Joost said...

Good that Korg has started developing for the iPhone!
They don't have any universal apps. I'm curious about the thinking behind this. E.g. why no iKaossilator for iPad?

A Kaoss Pad app would be great.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, but it's definitely aimed at a lower common denominator than the K01. There were a lot of subtleties to the original kaossilator.

Audio sound on sound - gone. This means no building up of megatextured loops consisting of dozens of sounds. But for beginners it's easier to switch sounds without planning things out.

Beat cutting in secret mode - gone. That's an entire sound world of its own there.

Loops can't be triggered off quantization - can't use them for more creative beat making.

So superficially, it retains a few things and it's definitely easier for beginners with the friendly quantization options replacing the trickier (and rhythmically more challenging manually-triggered arp). But as the subtleties that made it a deep and powerful instrument have been stripped away.

dswo said...

iKaossilator for the APPLE iPhone Specifications

Synthesizer Section

Total 150 Programs

20 Lead; 15 Acoustic; 30 Bass; 30 Chord; 20 Sound Effect; 35 Drum

Scale: 35 types

Key Range: ±12

Sequencer Section

5 Parts

Maximum length: 4 measures

Loop Sequencer

Parts can be combined in the Loop Sequencer

“Solo” or “Mute” control of Part

Quantize (Off, 1/32, 1/16T, 1/16, 1/8T, 1/8, 1/4)

Tempo: 20 – 300 BPM (Corresponds to TAP TEMPO)

Number of Loop Sequences: Unlimited, as determined by “Free” space of Device

50 preset Loop Sequencer


WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) function

System Requirements

? iOS 4.1or later

? iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS / iPod touch after third generation

iKaossilator can run on iPad, but it will be displayed using the same dimensions as when it is run on the iPhone

dswo said...

iKaossilator FAQ: http://www.korguser.net/ikaossilator/en/index.html

One of the later questions:

Q: Can I export to an audio file?

A: Version 1.0 does not support this; please wait for a future update.

dswo said...

A few more screenshots here: http://iphonemusic.jugem.jp/?eid=962.

Anonymous said...

You can make beats but the drum parts will take up individual parts of the five loops you get. Its limited but this paired with other apps and audio copy will be awesome. Plus the pattern mode is definitely cool. Switching out the different parts on the fly. I like it better than the electribe pattern mode.