Understand your Donut

The Strange Agency describe Donut as 'a strange one', and coming from them it must be really strange, so they've published this page which will help your understand how to use the app.

Clip to Evernote


freesoulvw said...

I spent a good hour in the donut last night and all I was able to do was semi-understand how to get things recorded and played back.

I finally can replay ful sentences but the first half hour was all pops and clicks. I sort of have a grasp on what does what but most of the time I'm just guessing.

Needs a better tutorial on how to set what parameters to get certain types of sounds. Perhaps that's what the link is for.....better go see.

Edith Frost said...

I can make weird sounds but I have no earthly idea WTF's going on or how to control it. It might help a lot if the diagrams on that how-to were animated. In the meantime does anybody ELSE have a way to explain it so those of us who aren't trippin' balls can understand?