RealBeat for iPhone and iPad is released

I posted this yesterday, but couldn't resist posting the video again today as it does look so good. Here's a reminder of app's the features:
  • Sampler (record sounds easily)
  • Text to Speech (let your device speak for you)
  • Modify the sound (pitch, reverse, distortion, reverb, ...)
  • Sequencer (make rhythms)
  • Patterns (modify the rhythm easily)
  • Live effects (manipulate in realtime)
  • Mixer
  • Export sounds to other apps via Audio Copy
  • Export sounds to your computer via iTunes
  • Works with internal microphone
RealBeat - joerg piringer

Clip to Evernote


Tom TM said...

Needs to be able to quantise pattern selection so that patterns are triggered in sequence rather than straight away (or at least there should be an option? An option that may be there? I just haven't found it yet!)

But apart from that, this app is a lot of fun in the funkiest sense of the word!! :)

Robert said...

I agree Tom!

I don't think the setting is there, but having the option for both flavora of pattern switching would be nice.

I also emailed the dev about getting a proper record button to record a performance to audiocopy, etc. Right now, it will juts export a measured pattern. He said he'll put it on the list. :)