So what's coming in Mixtikl 4.1?

Always great to have something to wait for. In the comment Tim hints at something new and 'unexpected' coming in Mixtikl 4.1.

Mixtikl - Generative Music Lab, Modular Synth, 12 Track Mixer, Arp & Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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Mat said...

Not Tim: Pete, or is it just the same person? I'm playing with Mixtikl and LOVE the new version, figuring out how to do things is half of the fun, unexpected results don't come when you just follow instructions to do something! (remembering the way you obtained what is another story then....)

Pete Cole said...

Hi Mat,

Well spotted - yes, it was me (Pete) not Tim.

We're brothers, which probably explains how we've been able to stand working together for so many years without falling-out or giving up! :-D We probably have some similarities in writing style too, I guess.

I'm really pleased to hear you're enjoying the new version. The deep Noatikl editing might be a little bit "out there", but we simply wanted to do it and having been wanting to make it available in Mixtikl for a long, long time (several years actually). Just so happened there were lots of other things to do first. The reason we renumbered Mixtikl to version 4, was an indication of what a major personal milestone this was for us both.

It is safe to say we've chosen a "hard" route in our development of Mixtikl (from miniMIXA and even Koan X before it...), consistently trying to make a generative tool that is as rich and deep as possible.

This means that there is a learning-curve involved to Mixtikl, which is too much for some people: but also means that Mixtikl can be incredibly rewarding to use for those who are minded to persevere, because it opens up a huge range of artistic possibilities.

It is safe to say that the video tutorials made by 3rd parties (thanks to them all!) are only just starting to catch-up with some of the things you can do with Mixtikl...

As for what's in Mixtikl 4.1 - I'm not telling. :)


kidBaltan said...

Also use it more and more,
while features increase, it seems to get easier....
Why the -tikl names? Has it got some meaning?
anything to do with tikkels?

Pete Cole said...

Hi kidBaltan,

Glad to hear you're having fun with Mixtikl! We keep working away at the user interface.

As it happens I've been progressing the Android port over the weekend; an Android port simply wouldn't have been feasible without our cross-platform user interface approach...

You'll find the answer to your question (and some company history - we've been doing this stuff for around 2 decades now!) here...:

Why did we choose to have tail stems for the IM products (e.g. "Tikl")? ...

Best wishes,