PixelWave experimental synth for iOS

More experimental synth goodness from the maker of the awesome Sunvox.

PixelWave is an experimental synth with old school pixel interface.
  • multitouch arpeggiator;
  • it is possible to draw waveform and play it at the same time.
Not bad for $0.99.

PixelWave - Alexander Zolotov

iPads at the Apple Store

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Tom TM said...

Isn't it remarkable that in 1957, Dick Raaijmakers (aka Kid Baltan) records "Song to the Second Moon", on a selection of then highly sophisticated and unobtainable to the public electronic equipment.

50 years on, you can now recreate all of that on an inexpensive machine that fits in your pocket, on an app that costs you the same price as a can of Coke!

kidBaltan said...

Yes, ;

Palm-Sounds said...

Thanks for that. I really enjoyed watching it.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's fantastic!
Just bought the app.
Looking forward to playing it!