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freesoulvw said...

If there was a way that the emailing of the recordings could send more then just a ringtone file.

If the recorded file was emailed as a .m4a instead of an .m4r then we could open the recording in any and all the apps that have the "open in" feature from mail.

Multitrack DAW
Twisted wave
Amp kit

Right now we have this great tool and instrument and all we can do with it is make a ring tone!?!?

How hard would it be,and would those people that are making ring tones really be that upset if the file export/compression format was changed from and "r" to an "a" so the files could be read by the apps we need these sounds for?

I don't presume to know anything about Mac file systems and file formats and such but it seems to me that if the file is already being compressed and converted to this m4r it doesn't seem that far of a stretch to make it m4a. Unless it takes a whole different set of codes to be a ringtone maker.

Please if you could implement this it would make copy/paste anmissue that we might not even need. Heck you could keep both formats or make it an option to mail as either the "r or a" format. Have the best of both worlds. For me.....I would take a standard m4a over a ring tone any day!

freesoulvw said...

To add to this.....there are probably 2000+ different ringtone makers in the iPhone app store.

If the sound prism app changed to m4a from the m4r you could easily take that "new" m4a file and "open in" one of those millions of ring tone making apps!

You can still have your 'prism based ringer but the app would be infinitely more versatile.

I don't know if it would take all that much to make this happen.

Please consider this.

Sebastian Dittmann (Audanika) said...

As far as I know the difference between m4r and m4a is nothing but the file ending.

I'm going to have a look into this. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

True, but because you've chosen to go with .m4r rather than .m4a you are forcing users to go outside of iOS to edit the audio files. A simple change would allow users to stay within iOS unless they wanted to use a desktop program.

bS said...

Please add an audio copy option as well. Soon

Tom TM said...

All you need to do is to manually change the extension name. That's it! :D

Sebastian Dittmann (Audanika) said...

It's not that easy. The ringtone features seems to be popular with users so we cannot just remove it.

I think we're going to either offer a switch in the SoundPrism preferences where you can toggle between m4a and m4r (with m4r being the default) or offer a selection pop-up whenever a recording is done where the user can choose between 'iPhone Ringtone', 'm4a Audio' and maybe AudioCopy ...

How does that sound?

kidBaltan said...

I can confirm that soundprism files are the only ones I cant open in my mail with the " open in" function.....

kidBaltan said...

How do I do that?

Tom TM said...


Export the file as normal, via Mail and send it to yourself. Open the file and save it to the desktop.
Highlight the file extension name and rename it to 'm4a'.
The PC should then ask if you want to change the extension to m4a or keep m4r. (well this works on a Mac anyway).

If you have a Mac, I highly recommend a good sample editor, like Amadeus Pro. This is a great editor!

Marlene DeGrood said...

m4r or m4a it's still compressed and sounds horrible. Why can't the recording feature have an export to WAV option or save WAV to iTunes sharing? For this reason I rarely use SoundPrism and regret buying the "pro" version.

Robert said...

I second that, Marlene. SP looks pretty and seems to get a lot of hype, but I just don't get it.

Sebastian Dittmann (Audanika) said...

"m4r or m4a it's still compressed and sounds horrible. Why can't the recording feature have an export to WAV option or save WAV to iTunes sharing? For this reason I rarely use SoundPrism and regret buying the "pro" version."

It was a decision we had to make. Either implement a sophisticated file management in SoundPrism/do the iTunes sharing thing (which sucks tbh) - then we could have used uncrompressed WAV files.

We decided against that because we wanted people to use an asynchronous way to share their files. Users are not always online and file management/iTunes sharing is just not feasible for non Music-Nerds.

We're definitely looking into AudioCopy (and then uncompressed files).

Anonymous said...

@Marlene DeGrood
"For this reason I rarely use SoundPrism and regret buying the "pro" version."

PRO and IOS don't rhyme togheter. If you're hoping to do anything PRO on that platform, you have a problem.

Sebastian Dittmann (Audanika) said...

Marlene DeGrood said...

@Sebastian Dittman (Audanika)
"We're definitely looking into AudioCopy (and then uncompressed files)."
I'm happy to hear that and I'll look forward to that update.

@Anonymous I disagree ... IOS is a viable pro tool with the right apps in the right hands or in my case it even in the wrong hands :)

Tom TM said...

@Marlene and Robert....

"m4r or m4a it's still compressed and sounds horrible."

Sounds 'horrible'? Really?

I challenge you to tell the difference between an m4a and an aiff file. You would have to either have extremely high quality audio equipment and/or an advanced an trained ear to tell the difference.

The quality of the iphone's out is never going to equal the quality of a high range D/A converter, yet I don't ever hear anyone complain about that? If anything I would say that the output sounds "warm" (which to me, it doesn't).

Anonymous said...

@Marlene DeGrood

IOS can be a viable pro tool when used alongside a real computer I guess... because IOS cannot manage a large sample/sounds/virtual instruments ibrary.

IOS will be a little more "pro" the day we can use the filesystem and have access to a plugin architecture.

Until then its all fun and games.

Tom TM said...

btw, the other thing I forgot to mention is that an m4a (or m4r) is one heck of a lot easier (and quicker) to email, than a wav or an aiff!

FWIW, I did a remix called factotum for San Francisco/ New York based band "Charles Atlas" a few years back (not the body builder!). Charles sent everyone discs full of Aiff files, but when mine turned up, the cd was smashed to pieces. In order to get the remix done, Charles sent mp3's at 128kb via email, which I converted back into aiff's via Logic.

I admit, you can hear a difference, BUT we are talking old mp3 format, and aac/m4a is far superior tom mp3. I can't tell the difference!

And yes, the track turned out really well considering- one of the best tracks I've recorded imho.

kidBaltan said...

pro/proffesional for me refers more to people than equipment. your main income is generated by it.
and usually pro's can use anything to get results and the stuff they named pro is often for amateurs

kidBaltan said...

I think people believe mp3 is bad because there are so many bad mp3 players playing them....