Mixing 20 tracks in 10 minutes with Touch DJ Evolution on iPhone (Visual Mixing 2.0)

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Dj Agent M said...

Not much change from looking but main thing is if it supports iTunes library.

Anonymous said...

Touch DJ already supported importing, but the implementation was really bad. As far as I know, before DJay came out, the only app that supported true iTunes importing was Quixpin. There was no pause in music and it generated the wave forms automatically.

They say the app is a new app, free to try. I expected that they wouldn't upgrade their current app. For some part I feel it's a rip off because the app isn't too much different from what currently exists. But, if they wanted to make the app free to try, this is really the only way to do it. You can't make your current paid app free and limited, because it will piss off all the current customers. Either way, you'd have to pay for the app twice.

What they SHOULD do is update the current app and then make a new app that is free.