Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni Ipad Performance. BBC Breakfast June 2011

Go ThumbJam!

ThumbJam - Sonosaurus

Clip to Evernote


Maria said...

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Michael Aldridge said...

This is awesome - who'd have thought that Ludovico Einaudi uses iPads!
I've seen him live a couple of times, and the particular piece he plays is just *incredible* live with strings...

Tom TM said...

Shame that Ludovico Einaudi doesn't go the full hog to advocate the iPad as a serious platform for music creation rather than "only a practice tool".

My Brother-in-law, who is a classical guitarist was blown away by the possibilities of the iPad when I demonstrated it to him (specifically 'thumbjam'- which is also used here), and is now experimenting with live performances in front of real audiences with both guitarists and iPad users together!

I'll try to put the performances up on YouTube when I can, Ashley

Tom TM said...

PS, why is Maria spamming?

Anonymous said...

oh boy.. it sounded like a kid practicing on a cheap electric piano. It sounded bland and there was a lot of wrong notes here and there..

If someone as talented as him can't pull it off, maybe piano simulations is not really suited for the ipad?

The way he looks at his ipads at 1:23 just shows how he needs tactile feedback as he's struggling to make sure his fingers are on the right notes.

Anonymous said...

@anon maybe that's cause he doesn't practice on it _that_ much. It'll take time, but in another 3-4 years we will have some monsters on these things, tactile feedback or no. Look at how long it took to produce the 16 pad virtosi like exile and jeremy ellis. These things take time.

I can say this cause I'm getting pretty decent in Nanostudio keys and pads, and I'm not a particularly dextrous musician. You get used to it after a while (the lack of travel). The tactile feedback thing is overblown - there is some feedback - it's called, touching glass. Your brain figures it all out eventually.

So if I can do it, there's an ipad jeremy ellis somewhere tearing it up as we speak. Also, have you ever seen a teenage kid touch type on an iphone? They're really fast... and glass is enough tactile feedback for them.

Anonymous said...

"in another 3-4 years we will have some monsters on these things"

Probably, but the monsters using real pianos will still kick their asses straight! :D

I like touchscreens, but I don't think they are good at reproducing tactile controllers (like pianos or keyboards).

Palm-Sounds said...

Tom, I'd love to see the videos from your brother in law. Let me know when they're available.