iRig MIDI is coming!

This looks like a pretty impressive device from IKM. The iRig MIDI is compatible with the 3GS, 4, iPad and iPad 2, 3rd and 4th gen Touch.

I really like the mini USB port for charging and the the thru port as well.

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freesoulvw said...

The charging port was my favorite part of the irig midi. After 7 hours of horizon through the CCK my iPad is done!

Might get this instead of I/o dock. All I really was looking for was midi with charging and this looks to offer just that.

alientek said...

This looks cool, and not sure if anyone noticed but it comes bundled with iOS version of Sampletank (free version of it anyways).

What it still lacks that the I/O dock does is the ability to connect to a computer without a midi interface on the computer side. I use that the most with my I/O dock. So I can use Touch OSC as a wired controller for my Laptop.