iDrum for OSX

I only recently noticed this, but of course it has been around for a little while now, and according to the description below it should work alongside the iOS version, although I don't think those have been updated in a long long time.

Link to iDrum for the iPhone and iPod touch
Take your beats anywhere! iDrum versions for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms are available now on the Apple App Store . iDrum now lets you share kits and sounds with your iPhone/iPod touch. Create beats in the palm of your hand with your own samples and custom kits!

The OSX app is priced at $19.99

iDrum - iZotope, Inc.

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Tom TM said...

Don't hold your breath.


I bought iDrum when it very first came out, when Art used to hang out on (forum no more). iDrum looked like it had bags of potential, which it did, but despite all the requests from everyone, it never got any of the updates.

The same happened with the iOS versions. These were great, and had loads of update potential, but like usual, they've gone nowhere.

I wouldn't waste your money. Spend it on apps that are going to get updated and avoid anything by Isotope.

My two pence.

velocipede said...

iDrum for OSX has been around since before iOS.
Syncing with the iOS version has been around since early on.

I own several of the iOS versions and still use them when I want to make rhythm patterns quickly.

Anonymous said...

no disrespect, izotope makes some amazing plugins, but this looks on par with Bram Bos Hammerhead, circa 1995.

Anonymous said...


Wrong.. nothing on IOS is on par with what could be done in 1995 :)