FIRST LOOK DigiTech iPB-10 iPad pedalboard DEMO

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Anonymous said...

Oof, an ill placed stomp and goodbye screen!

huwshelton said...

Agreed. I don't understand, if it's just a controller, why does the iPad need to be on the floor. Wouldn't it be cool to adjust the effects from a stand without doing your back in. I'm sure they could've priced a £30 stand into the outrageous £499 asking price.

Anonymous said...

This is just stupid.

2Anonymous2BeReal said...

Hey look! A guitar effects processor that costs over 500$ more than the competition and sounds like shit!

Garloo said...

This looks cool. I use a couple of Yamaha Magic stomps presently with some other pedals but this would be a awsome solution especially setting up scenes and set lists.

The MagicStomp is great especially for progamming. But most people don't edit the presets or use the USB software to make new sounds. Which is sad cause you can use all the presents from the spx 2000 on it.

I assume you could assign the wah foot controler to any knob you and to control.

Of course unlike some players I don't leap into the air and switch on and off the boxes with a landing heel.

A lot of gear seems to be selling for very low prices right now I saw what appears to be a under $100 sell out of the NI foot controler I wonder if that could be used with the ipand so you could move knobs while playing.

I would have to say if I am doing table top stuff I move knobs a bit but if I am playing guitar or bass I need both hands on the instrument so the ease of programming scenes through a set is vital. This certainly fills the bill on that.

loopstationzebra said...

Clickers suck. Seriously, who wants to be playing an intimate gig and have the audience constantly hear the CLICK CLICK CLICK.

Other than that, anything that incorporates the iPad is a WIN.

And you've got to be a moron, drunk, or both to actually miss the pedals and slam on the iPad.


Anonymous said...


Why do I get the feeling you've never gigged with a pedal board before?

mr_infamy said...

If I were a guitarist this would be my equivalent of the SynthStation49.

As it is I'm definitely going to see what you can do with the Nexus app, for a free app it looks like it's definitely worth experimenting with.

Anonymous said...


Oops, you mean you did not know that 90% of every guitar pedal made use the clicker?? LOL!!

You are such an idiot, go play with your baby Boss pedals.