Changes coming to FL Studio Mobile

Thanks to freesoulvw for digging up these potential updates to FL Studio Mobile:

Just found out from a user submitted comment on another blog site saying these features will be in the next update. Image-Line also said 1.1 will have

Major new features:
  • User instruments can be created from .instr and .zip files
  • Sonoma AudioCopy: mixdowns (wav files) can be sent to other apps via AudioCopy, which is an additional option in the Export window
  • Clipboard in the bar editor: tap and hold a selection to see the copy and paste buttons
  • Filter track editing in the bar editor
  • Record button in the Filter screen
  • Piano-roll editor: pitch-bend is visualized with curved lines
  • New soundpacks
Smaller changes since v1.0:
  • Heavy Mute: tuning improved
  • User forum button in the Setup screen
  • Loading a beat repeats it for the whole length of the song
  • The file name textfield in the Projects tab shows the name of the current project
  • Metronome "precount only at the beginning of the song" is now off by default
  • Fix: Step lights were hidden at signatures other than 4/4
  • Many minor bugfixes
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Michael Aldridge said...

It would be nice to see (if feasible with CPU considerations etc) something that can generate audio like the 3OSC or TB404.

The TB404 has been a staple of Fruityloops since version 1. Would be nice to think that if it worked on my Pentium 200MHz with 48MB RAM that it would work on the iPad!

On the subject of the old Fruityloops, it would be very cool if the channel legacy precomputed effects could make an appearance too (

Anyhoo, just my tuppence worth. Just hoping that Imageline don't make FL Studio Mobile into a glorified sample playback engine - that would be a crying shame!

noone said...

"if it worked on my Pentium 200MHz with 48MB RAM that it would work on the iPad!"

Have you noticed that, besides Rebirth, no other amazing software from that time made the jump to IOS? (but we might have Reason.. someday..).

Apple's hardware is powerful enough to run any program from that time (like any Native Instruments synths they did then!), but Apple doesn't want to play nice with the big guys, this is why we don't see the professional stuff on IOS. FLstudio is a glorified sample playback app because Apple won't allow Imageline to use their own code/API's. So nobody besides amateurs creates apps for their platform (mostly).

Fortunately, some of these "amateurs" are really competent so we have the chance to use apps like Nanostudio. But for one Nanostudio, there's 5000 toy/crap apps..

5 years in IOS, and still no signs of a real music hosts that can handle plugins, no signs of a real copy/paste solutions, no signs of being able to handle our files ourselves (access to the filesystem).

Apple has become Nintendo/Sony.

Anonymous said...

great and all, I'm waiting for the android port :)

I would like to see the older modules ported as well.

@noone I'm no fan of apple's practices, and I agree there are a lot of toy apps out there, but the whole "pro" moniker is pointless (and when you press people on what it means, they'll usually reply with the least important aspects - '96 khz sampling, 32 bit dynamics, etc etc'). If we're going to categorize apps, let's say good/bad useful/useless.