All OP-1

Makes you want one right?

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Dj Hombre said...

Good luck! The current system for ordering one is a nightmare. The store says "Out of Stock" and "Notify Me". Stock appears at a random time and is sold out before any notification emails or tweets can be posted! Then it's another 2 weeks wait.

Hopefully, this is all teething problems with a relatively new product and they're slowly getting to grips with the scale of demand. I'm expecting the price to get bumped to €850 sometime soon as well.

On top of that, there appears to be an issue with some buttons sticking/falling off on one batch and an issue of ground noise somewhere along the line - which should be fixed with an OS update soon.

Crikey! I seem to know far too much for a product I haven't got! I should really get out more.

TMothy73 said...

Yeah, I really want one of these as well, but I think I am gonna be in for quite a wait. I wish they woud take preorders, it would make a lot more sense. The way they are selling them is more like a lottery of who manages to be online at the right moment.

There are a lot of haters making a lot of noise for some reason, which I've never understood. If you don't like something then seperate yourself from it, don't keep seeking out forum posts about it just so that you can write intelligent things like "I think it sounds like ass". Personally I dislike most forms of mainstream media, so I ignore them, it's quite easy.

Anyway, if I was given £700 to spend on a new music tech thing, it would definitely be the OP-1, nothing else comes close at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Most music I've heard made with it hasn't been so crash hot. But I really liked this, sounded great. Makes me feel better about it. I did suspect that a lot of the videos were people playing with it without having used it enough to have come to grips with it yet.


Anonymous said...

nice track, still too much. and the 6 minutes of recording time with no option for different sessions for different songs is still a huge turn off.

How is it supposed to be an on-the-go composition solution when there's enough recording time to work with about 1.5 songs?

I agree with anon above, most of the music I've heard is terrible. I suspect it's possible to make good music with this though, that yellow tangerine stuff was pretty good. this demo track is pretty good.