Rumours of iOS5 demo on the 2nd

A few rumours cropping up about a demo of iOS5 on the 2nd of March at Apple's event. I wonder what they've got in store. What's on your wishlist for iOS5 then?

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formal said...

- To run as fast as OS3 did
- Ability to turn off multitasking
- Better battery life (yes this is a software thing too)

I'm fine with everything else.

Geriya said...

This is bullshit. iOS3.13 (March'10)->iOS5 in 12 months=bullshit

More money. Do I really have to buy a new iPod every 12 months to keep up with this shit?

Did iOS4 bring anything to the table that a hacked iOS 3 didn't?

iPod Touch 32GB is £249/12 months = £20/month to "own: one of these devices. I won't/don't update. iTunes is major bloatware. I buy my tunes from Amazon and play them in something else

If you develop for Android, you get a choice of the lowest level of OS; not so with (c)AppleCorpse

THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! M$ and their recent update to their phones are no better. Google are wannabe Big Brother

It's about time that we all stopped buying into this stuff; i'm trying to make a living not fight through OS changes so that the man can sell more devices

It's 'drug-dealing' philosophy; a £0.99 app will sell £250 devices...for this year

I want Mr Jobby to fucking say "fragmentation of an operating system" to my face and I'll eat the mofo's beating heart. Going to jail for that has got to be better than trying to keep up with this bullshit

formal said...

So far all iOS devices have got software updates for 3 years after release. Just because a new iOS version comes out doesn't mean you'll need to buy new hardware. I just wish they would make it perform the same or better than the previous versions.

iOS4 brought multitasking, core midi and ipod library support. There's other stuff, but those are the 3 main things for me.

Dj Hombre said...

Please tell me it's not another "Hey, the Beatles are now on iTunes" announcement. I suspect it won't be, but will be disappointed if it is!

Anonymous said...

"So far all iOS devices have got software updates for 3 years after release."

More important is how long they get software updates after they are discontinued. It looks like the iPod touch 2 discontinued last Sept. is going to set a new record since it looks like it's not going to get 4.3.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure people will care much about promises of new features to be delivered next summer.

They have to deliver something. What's that going to be? Facetime on the iPad 2?

robman84 said...

Nope, for the first time ever, Milli Vanilli's entire back catalogue will be available on iTunes including a boxed set of all of their recorded output.

That's the announcement.

Oh and a lighter, faster ipad thingy with a hole in the back.

iOS5? My only wish is still an open file system for apps to use the actual same samples and music, not importing them in or copy/pasting or any nonsense. Then enforce a system-level protection to avoid naughty apps deleting your stuff.

Won't happen of course.