Garageband Essentials 2 (app)

Another 'how to' app from the same developer who brought 'GarageBand Essentials'. In part 2 the following subjects are covered:

  • Detailed use of loops - try to get away from that 'GarageBand looped' sound! 
  • Arrange track 
  • Master Track
  • Amp Simulators
  • Multi Take Recording with Audio - create the perfect take
  • Podcasting in detail - create a podcast, add images, voice overs, use ducking, markers and chapters and finally a look at the export options.

GarageBand Essentials 2 at the app store:
GarageBand Essentials 2

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Marlene DeGrood said...

Essentials 1 has gotten some pretty low user ratings in iTunes ... like six 1 star ratings, 1 two star, 1 three start and 1 4 star .... I think I can guess why.