Does anyone know ...

Anything about modified / customised palm PDAs? I have an idea for a project and I've been looking around for some inspiration from any pictures or details of older palm PDAs that have been hardware hacked in some way or customised.

Any info you have or anything anyone can remember about something you heard of or saw in the past would be useful.

Basically anything to do with modifying or altering the hardware of a PDA.

I know it is a bit of a vague request, sorry about that!


Anonymous said...

Here is a modded UX50 I remember seeing on 1src when the PDA scene there was really active. 1src is hardly that active nowadays but people did cool stuff to their PDAs back then. Maybe you'll come across a mod that interests you if you search around through old posts. Good luck!

Johnnyg0 said...

There's Reware Palm that looks interesting. But I haven't tryed it personnally.