Madplayer on eBay

These are so rare in coming up I had to post something on it. Worth taking a look at. When I got mine it cost almost £60 so if this one goes for £10 it will be a real bargain.

MadPlayer on eBay

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David Battino said...

These are so cool. I bought mine after meeting Dr. Mad at the Project Bar-B-Q computer music conference years ago, and still use it to trigger samples in jam sessions. In fact, the sound-bite feature in Looptastic Producer was inspired by that. (Scroll down to the “Producer’s Cut” tip.)

Palm-Sounds said...

Wow. I didn't realise. I still have mine and keep meaning to get it out and do something with it again.

David Battino said...

You can also run the output of your iPhone, etc., into the MadPlayer’s mic input, and then listen to both through the MadPlayer’s output. And you can record your performance to the MP’s SmartMedia card (!) as a WAV file. The input is mono, unfortunately, but it’s handy.