PSPSeq 2.10

Ethan Bordeaux has just released a new version of this nifty program. Updates are:

- Automated interpolation of synthesis parameters
- More track copying options to simplify and speed composing music
- Button combos enabling instant solo/unmute of all tracks, copy/paste of synthesis parameters, and removal of hits in a track
- Automated shifting of hits in a track for easy echo effects and arpeggiation
- Ability to record to ms0:/PSP/MUSIC directory for playback of loops and songs outside of PSPSeq
- More visualization modes and new visualization controls
- Access to time, battery life and available flash memory within PSPSeq
- New features for using PSPSeq in live environments
- Optimized WAV file playback
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations to screen and audio rendering
- Many new sample songs and loops

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Anonymous said...

This was a great program. Got as far as 3.1 then I think he got a job working on sounds for effects pedals. Would be sweet if someone could port it to another platform, android, ios...needs control pad though ...nvidea shield? JXD? I like writing music by gamepad, very comfortable way (so far only 3, LSDJ, LGPT, PSPSEQ)...JXD!!! Nvidea Shield!!! samsung gamepad?