Now that Link is nearly here, what will happen to WIST?

It's something that struck me the other day that Korg are going all out to add Link to their iOS apps, but that made me realise that it was Korg that pioneered WIST, which was the original sync standard over bluetooth. I'm pleased that Korg are going down the Link route. It already feels like Link is going to be a defacto standard for sync with mobile apps, and it also feels like a very smart move for Ableton. However, what happens to WIST?

WIST always had its problems, it would only sync at the start and didn't maintain any time sync after that, which was a real pain. It also only worked over 2 devices, which always seemed strange as bluetooth will connect 9 devices. Anyway, there's already lots of apps who've removed WIST, and I'd like to think that most if not all will add Link.

So WIST will fade into the long term history of mobile music making and only a few of us will remember it and remember how tricky things were back then!

Goodbye WIST and thanks for all your help!

That iMaschine 2 pack deal is big and I mean big

I couldn't resist that iMaschine "all you can eat pack", especially as it was only £0.79 ($0.99). You should try it out, but if you do, just be aware that whilst it is a really good deal, and a great price, you'll be downloading about 1.3gb of content.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Don't forget that the app and the IAP are both on sale at the moment.

SoundScaper - An experimental sound mini lab. Morphing scenes (video)

Video description:

"SoundScaper is an experimental sound mini lab for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending ideas."

Now this should be good for Android ... "Free The Music | Stagelight on Android Mobile"

Video description:

"Stagelight gives you the power to make beats, songs, loops and vocal tracks even if it's your first time. Stagelight offers in-app lessons, and touch screen piano/drum pads. Try the best MIDI Sequencer DAW on Android!
Learn more about Stagelight at"

Kuvert Swedish Envelopes, Demo for iPad (video)

WretchUp universal update 1.5 iPad demo (short vers.) (video)