iProphet Tutorial (video)

Glen Darcey, Arturia VP of Product Management, is your guide and makes you discover all the functionalities and features of the iProphet app.

Arturia introduces iProphet (video)

It's a thing for real ... say hello to iProphet

So it really is a thing then ... Here's iProphet.

iProphet recreates the unique sound of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synthesizer. The Prophet VS's rareness and classic digital sound make it a mainstay for those who can find them and a seemingly out or reach dream for those who cannot. The sound is purely classic crisp digital sound that easily stands on its own, but at the same time is the perfect compliment to the sound of analog synthesizers. It brings the crystaline vintage sound of four digital oscillators and allows sculpting them using a creamy & warm multimode filter. You can morph the sound of the 4 oscillators using the joystick or the vector mode and the vector envelope.

The iProphet is great for evolving pads, sharp leads and super punchy digital bass sounds and comes with over 500 presets created by some of todays best sound designers. You can also swap presets between iProphet and Arturia's Prophet V synthesizer which allows you to work on the iPAD and finish in the DAW of your choice.

iProphet supports Core MIDI, interapp-audio as well as Audiobus technologies for perfect integration.

iProphet is also a Tabletop Ready app. You can use it exclusively or along side your favorite Tabletop instruments.

iProphet costs $9.99 on the app store:

The Build — Tabletop 2.6 and iProphet (video)

Tabletop on the app store:

iProphet on the app store:

Tabletop 2.6 arrives

Here's what's new in Tabletop:

For Tabletop 2.6 we've added the Tabletop-Ready polyphonic-beast-of-a-synthesizer, iProphet.

We're also introducing a new device we call Interfx, an Inter-App Audio Effects Slot.

We've squashed a lot of bugs and spent a ton of time testing, refining, and testing some more. We can't wait to hear what you'll do with this release! Stability and Performance is improved across the board.

Thanks for the continued support and being an awesome community of music makers.

Pull version 2 has arrived

Synthtopia tells about version 2 of this control template for Ableton and M4L.

What's new? Here you go ...
  • Control of VST, AU plugins and Max for Live Devices directly from your iPad
  • A template for every live native device (over 60 templates).
  • A simple framework to create your own templates (no Max development needed. You can simply create all of your templates in Lemur)
  • Mixing controls for tracks
  • Navigation between devices/tracks – even inside rack chains
  • Rename drum pad names
  • Drum rack slider scrolling – scroll up/down.
  • Detailed template creation tutorial
  • Demonstration templates for CamelCrusher VST and XVAnalogFilter Max for Live Device

In case you missed it, apeFilter arrived this morning

In case you missed it, apeFilter arrived this morning. All the details are in the original post here.

Cotracks For iPad, Setting Up And Getting Started (video)

Master of Man Soundpack (Week 2) (video)

Video description:

"In week 2 of our FREE weekly soundpacks, Alex shows off his custom soundpack "Master of Man" for Ableton Live. So grab a midi controller and have some fun!"

Studio Amplify's NOiZE app being a hit at the Royal Festival Hall for the Beautiful Octopus Club

I've been meaning to post these for a while now, and as it is the last day of September it seemed like a good day to post about this one last time.

Well you don't see a Chimera bC16 very often

These are rare to say the least, so I thought I really should share this one. At the moment it's quite cheap, but I suspect it'll go for quite a bit as it still has 4 days to go.

Click on the link below to take a look.

Chimera Synthesis BC16 with lots of extras

Reminder: London's Mini Maker Faire is only 6 weeks away!

In 6 weeks it'll be the London Mini Maker Faire at Elephant and Castle. You can get tickets and take a look at some of the cool stuff that is likely to be there. I'm going to be there myself even though it does clash with day two of the Music Production Expo.

Anyway, full details plus tickets etc here.

If you're interested in knowing more about the London hardware scene

If that's something you'd like to know more about and would like to see a great showcase of London hardware start ups, then this is the event for you.

Here's a good list of IAA apps

I've posted this list as it is a great resource for Inter-App-Audio apps categorised into hosts FX and instruments, big thanks to audre.io for this.

Have you heard of Sonocase?

I heard about them through reddit, but thought that this was something well worth sharing with everyone. Here's their site, facebook page, and also a new gallery of photos of the prototype.

Looking forward to seeing this on kickstarter.

Missed the round up from last week? Find it all here

In case you missed the round up post from Sunday, you can find it by just clicking here and then catch up with anything that you missed from last week.

SAM: The Ultimate Internet Connected Electronics Kit on Kickstarter

Something else for you to spend your hard earned cash on. SAM reminds me of littleBits a lot, and on balance I'll probably stay with them for now, but SAM does look good though.

Music App Blog's excellent resource list

I'm sure I've posted a link to this massive page of links before, but it really is a great comprehensive list of resources for iOS music making, and well worth checking and bookmarking.

Music In The Age of Democratization: Gerhard Behles (Ableton) & Matt Black (Ninja Tune) in Conversation (audio)

I posted this before, but whilst listening to it again I kind of picked up on something that Gerhard said towards the end of the discussion (1:06:30 onwards), which makes me think that they're not really going to venture into the apps world as they still see it as a 'toy'. That was what I took from it, of course, you should make up your own mind though.

iPodfather laments the discontinuation of the Classic

Only a short piece about the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, Tony Fadell talks about how he feels about the classic going.

SpringSound Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

Reminder: More Music Tech Fest dates coming up

Just a quick reminder that there are more Music Tech Fest dates coming up that might be of interest to you. Here's what they have planned ...

Berlin October 24-26, Paris November 21-23, New York December 12-14, with the addition of São Paulo, Auckland, Umeå, Los Angeles and Amsterdam in 2015.

I'm sure something will fit for you.

STj v1.5 Preview (using an Atari ST to control DJ Player, it doesn't get much better than this)

STj can be found here.

DJ Player on the app store:

apeFilter (universal) arrives

apeFilter is a sophisticated Equaliser, the DSP is based on the Biquad/Cascade filters, very fast! The graphical interaction provides a great tool to design an extremely precise and smooth frequency response by directly manipulating up to 36 Peaks Filters. The Spectral Grid compilers increase the complexity and coherence between the filters bandwidth space. You can create your pitch space by the way of four different criteria of construction by determining a pitches grid: Fibonacci, Harmonic, Geometric and Scalar. Use apeFilter for sculpt your sound through the embedded sampler or LIve from Audiobus or Inter-Audio-App Input. Among the FX chain, an amazing ClassicVerb is available.
  • 6 Common Filters: Lowpass, Hipass, Bandpass, Notch, Lowshelf, Hishelf
  • 36 Peak Filters for Spectral Grid Compilers
  • 4 Spectral Grid Compilers: Fibonacci, Harmonic, Geometric and Scalar
  • MIDI Note On/Off messages, for playing Filters Frequency and Filters Peaks Gain
  • HV Pad for Filters Interpolations between Bands
  • Sampler, embedded
  • Three post Fx: Stereo Delay, Amazing ClassicVerb and Dynamic compressor/expander
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio Support
  • AudioCopy and Dropbox
  • Midibus Support
  • iOs 8 compatible
  • All the others common apeSoft features

apeFilter costs $6.99 on the app store:

ANI at Ephemeral Vessels event (Babeland Gallery, CODAME) (video)

Video description:

Live looping iPad performance on two iPads plus a Korg Kaoss pad at B4B3L4B's Ephemeral Vessels event in Oakland's Babeland Gallery. CODAME artists showed off interactive installations while ANI made dance music on the middle floor.

Video recorded from a new overhead cam and GoPro.

Free audio download at:

Nice use of NanoStudio.

Sound and Music incubator closes today

The Sound and Music incubator closes today, so if you're still planning on getting an application in you better be quick You can find more information here.

Back in 2008: A first round up on iPhone apps

It's strange to think of a time when you could round up all the apps for a platform (like iOS) in a single post. But back in 2008 this is what I did. You can read the round up of the first batch of iPhone music making apps right here.

CME, Wizdom and Omenie give away, every week for 5 weeks!

Check their Facebook page for more.

Here's why the TJ Android video is gone

Using Drum Loops to practice (video)

Back in 2008: miniSynth arrived!

Well it didn't take very long to get here. After a quick look yesterday miniSynth from Yonac arrived the next day (today). You can read the original post here.