How to make ElectroDough! (just thought this was a fun video to share)

B-Step Sequencer - How to make a swinging arpeggio (video)

These Thingamagoops are still available

There's the blue one, the green one, and the orange one too. Nice to play with.

Lots of goodies coming to AudioShare 2.71

iSequence HD for iPad Setting Up and Getting Started 2014 (video)

Field recording of a tram ride in Porto

Mobile in many ways! This was recorded on an iPhone 6.

Swoopster Settings Tutorial (video)

The Miselu C.24 user guide is now online

Miselu have now published a user guide for their C.24 keyboard which I'm hopeful I'll have before the end of the year.

You can find it here.

SonicLAB: New Korg Electribe preview w. James Pullen AKA Mista Bishi (video)

csGrain now works in the AB effect slot

A seemingly small update, but quite useful really. Here's everything that's in the new version of csGrain:
  • Audiobus filter port added
  • iOS 8 optimized
  • This version supports iOS 7.0 and later

Music Hack space entry for Containerville competition

Here's what the Music Hack Space say about this ...

"We are competing in the ContainerVille start-up competition to get a free office space for a year. You can support us by liking our video in the official competition Facebook page. Big thanks to everyone supporting us!"

So, if you can, please try and support the Music Hack Space containerville competition entry by liking their video on facebook.

Introducing KORG iOS app : AudioPocket for volca sample (video)

Swoopster - Fuzz Flanger Effects Processor updated

Here's what's in the latest version of Swoopster:
  • Receive MIDI over Bluetooth LE (*requires iOS 8, located in Settings screen)
  • Input/Output gain per channel (located in Settings screen)
  • Adjustable latency (located in Settings screen)
  • Clear MIDI Learn settings button (located in Settings screen)
  • update Audiobus SDK
  • minor bugfixes for iOS 8

Take Control of AMPLIFi | Line 6 (video)

What's your app of the week?

What's the app that's been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that's been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.

B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro 2 arrives

More than another new Midi-Sequencer! Transform your iPad to a real music-sequencer workstation with B-Step.

Create awesome chord progressions (to build up a whole song) with B-Step only by a few fingertips.
Where other sequencers stops B-Step goes one step beyond - With B-Step you can easily sequence your sequences (up to 16 Pattern configurable).

The sequencer comes with native support for one or two Novation Launchpads. B-Step supports CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI ports, Network MIDI and a lot of MIDI hardware devices!

It also supports MIDI Learn, so you can control B-Step's user interface with any MIDI controller you like!
B-Step Sequencer can work as MIDI clock master or you can sync it to another clock master.

This sequencer is designed for improvisation and live use - your synthesizers will love B-Step.

  • Native Novation Launchpad support.
  • Advanced MIDI learn.
  • Drag'N'drop.
  • 3 color profiles.
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Run in background

  • 16th step resolution.
  • 4 tracks (we call them strings).
  • 16 bars.
  • 5 x 6 chords per project.
  • Pattern auto chain.
  • MIDI Clock master (up to 400 BPM) or slave

  • CoreMIDI.
  • Virtual MIDI ports.
  • Network MIDI.
  • Support standard MIDI hardware devices.

What's new

We kept the B-Step 1 base and built a lot of useful stuff on top of that.

For the right groove in your set, we have added an advanced shuffle mode. Now you can add the shuffle modifications to every second 16th, 8th or 4th. You can modify the timing, velocity and duration of the notes in the shuffle grid.

To fill the pattern, you can use the Sequencer Ratcheting features (Step Repeats). This is ideal when you want to create drum rolls, arpeggios or experimental stuff.

Different measurements? Sure! You can reduce the pattern length down to 1/16th or increase the length by adding some Non-Linear Playback features.

Polyphony: control up to 4 synthesizers independently with one instance of B-Step. Just split it into 4 sequence groups and share the things you like between.

When you need speed you can use the Multidrag feature which allows you to copy a slider or button state to all others on the fly.

Also, you don't have to remember the slider states anymore — now just click it and the value will pop up.

Scales? We have that covered also. You can fill the chords randomly with notes from scales.

Control and Program Changes can be sent for each step.

New Features Overview:
  • Add Sequencer Ratcheting.
  • Add 4 more MIDI out to control up to 5 synths.
  • Add Shuffle features.
  • Add drum support.
  • Add 6 layers with a bunch of features.
  • Add random chords from scales.
  • Add monophon and polyphon playback modes.
  • Add new presets.
  • Improve the user interface style.
  • Add snapshot functionality.
  • Redesigned MIDI learn feature.
  • Add multidrag feature.
  • Add snapshot feature.
  • Add rubber tool.
  • Add inline manual functionality.
  • Move BPM slider to the main user interface.
  • Add custom measurements from 1/16th per bar to much more than 4/4th.
  • Change solo bar to solo bar groups.
  • Add control and program changes per step.
  • Fix known bugs like sync problems and improve them.

Some new Feature Details:
  • Octave per step.
  • Chords per step.
  • Microtiming per step (delay).
  • Step copy.
  • Step probability.
  • Step mute.
  • Step skip.
  • Custom playback features per bar.
  • Custom playback features per global sequence.
  • Reverse Playback.
  • Moving steps in the pattern.
  • Bar skip.
  • CC and PC per step.

Sequencer Ratcheting in Detail:
  • Modulate interval.
  • Modulate duration.
  • Modulate velocity.
  • Modulate notes.
  • Modulate probability.

Shuffle in Detail:
  • Per 16th, 8th or 4th.
  • Modulate velocity.
  • Modulate duration.
  • Modulate timing.

B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro is now $16.99 on the app store:

Music Tech Fest Berlin starts today, full line up now available

It looks like a great line up at Music Tech Fest this weekend. You can find the whole thing here.

Reminder: Apps World Expo and Conference

The Apps World expo and conference isn't far away now. This is probably only of interest to UK based developers I imagine, but you might want to just have a look at what's on in the expo, which is free to attend, and you can find a link to on the Palm Sounds home page. It's right at the top on the right so you can't miss it.

I'm sure it'll have at least a few things of interest for the developers reading this. There's quite an interesting looking wearables stream too, although you need to pay for that part of the conference.

Looks like Flux::FX is still a few weeks away

Audiobus gets some bug fixes

No new features, but just a maintenance release for Audiobus for now. Let's hope for more soon though.

What else would you like to see in Audiobus?

What's you fav app and what do you want from it?

So, which app is keeping you busy right now and what would you really like to see it get updated with? What's the feature you really want to see? Comment it in and here.