Generative 25: Red Lounge - miniMIXA

You can see the Mixtikl interface here back in 2007 with miniMIXA on Windows Mobile 6.

Generative 25: And then miniMIXA was part of Tao Group and there were big plans ...

I'd forgotten this step in the history of miniMIXA. Tao Group came after SSEYO, and in fact bought out SSEYO. There were big plans back then, but I don't think that anyone could have foreseen just where things would go with mobile music in 2007.

Generative 25: Some more thoughts of miniMIXA

The next mention of miniMIXA was in January 2007 and was pretty similar to the last one, but this was miniMIXA getting firmly on my radar, and that's where it, and it's successor, Mixtikl has stayed!

Generative 25: miniMIXA mentioned in my 2006 and 2007 post round ups

The next two mentions for miniMIXA were in my round up of mobile music in 2006 (but it wasn't a long piece), and also my hopes for mobile music in 2007 as well. Who knew back then what was coming around the corner!

Generative 25: A first mention of miniMIXA on PalmSounds back in 2006

This was the first mention of miniMIXA on PalmSounds back in 2006. Of course, back in those days miniMIXA (the precursor to Mixtikl) wasn't made by Intermorphic, in fact, Intermorphic didn't exist back then, and this Windows Mobile app was made by SSEYO (although that was the same people).

This original post from October 2006 was about miniMIXA being featured in Computer Music in a piece that they ran on mobile music apps. That was a very occasional thing back then, not like now at all.

Generative 25: Background ... Robert Sandall and Mark Russell interview Brian Eno about Generative Music in 1996

If you're not actually very sure about what all this stuff to do with generative is actually about then it's worth checking this out as it's a really interesting area.

Congratulations to Intermorphic for 25 years in Generative Music

That is an amazing achievement. Obviously Intermorphic itself hasn't been around for a whole 25 years, but the people behind it have been, and that's something worth celebrating.

I've been a fan of their work since almost the beginning of Palm Sounds. So, today I'll be celebrating their awesome achievement and remembering some of the milestones they've hit, so there'll be quite a few posts about them over the course of the day.