More Music Tech Fest dates coming up

If you weren't able to get to Music Tech Fest in London then there are plenty of other dates coming up that might be of interest to you. Here's what they have planned ...

Berlin October 24-26, Paris November 21-23, New York December 12-14, with the addition of São Paulo, Auckland, Umeå, Los Angeles and Amsterdam in 2015.

I'm sure something will fit for you.

FunkBox for iPad, preview for version 3.5 (video)

FunkBox for iPhone, 3.5 preview (video)

Music 4.5's Smart Radio Event "Beyond Playlists & Promoting the Future", is on the 23rd of this month

I mentioned this before, but it is another event that I think will have a quite general appeal, so do take a look. You can find the agenda for this event here, and it looks like it's got some great speakers and themes. If you're planning on going to the event, then you can save yourself 10% off the ticket price when you use the promo code PALMSOUNDS.

If you're going to be there do say hello as I plan to be there too.

Korg are testing their apps for iOS8 ... another reason not to upgrade straight away

Just under a week left to order one of the final runs of Thingamagoops

I realised this morning that there's less than a week left now to get an order in for a Bleep Labs Thingamagoop 2x from the final production run. So I thought it would be an appropriate time to remind you (again) in case you're interested in getting one.

The Thingamagoop 2xs order page is here.

Anyone want to do a top 10 apps post?

What's your top 10 apps at the moment? Want to share it? Get in touch and let me know which apps they are and they can go on the blog. Just say which apps they are and why they're in your top ten. If you really want to you can explain how your top ten has changed over time as well. Let the lists begin!

I want one of these (Minigamagoop video)