TweakyBeat 1.7 is here!

The TweakyBeat update I've been waiting for is finally here. Version 1.7 adds Midi Sync, AudioBus, and Inter-App Audio so TweakyBeat is going to be just so much more useful as I'll be able to get it running alongside SeekBeats and Elastic Drums too.

But even on its own TweakyBeat is an awesome app for making synth drum sounds, and I'm not sure that you're going to find a better use of $0.99 today. So if you haven't got this app already I suggest you grab it. For $0.99 it's a total bargain, even more so now.

SOUND Canvas for iOS is on sale

Roland's SOUND Canvas for iOS has dropped in price from $19.99 to $12.99.

I should have mentioned that NodeBeat itself is also free

Yep, the iPhone version of NodeBeat is also free right now.

Xynthesizr drops in price a little bit

Xynthesizr drops from $5.99 to $4.99 today.

Oscilab is half price again

Oscilab is down from $9.99 to $4.99 again today.

AmpliTube (the iPhone version) is 75% off

IK have also put their iPhone version of AmpliTube on sale with 75% off. It's down from $19.99 to $4.99.

NodeBeat HD is free

NodeBeat HD and of course NodeBeat itself was a real revelation when it first arrived so if you don't know this great app you've got a great chance to grab it for free right now.